He did it. He actually managed to describe how it feels to live with depression and suicidal tendencies.

this is really, really important

Wow….perfect. The old paint…..

I haven’t seen this guys stuff for months but this still hits me as hard as ever

Always repost! I love this so much!!!




My bestfriend coolpup97 is being harassed by tumblr user metal-cute

Alaska added her on facebook and didnt reply to her message, which isn’t that big of a deal you would think, right? I mean they barely know eachother and everything.

nope. apprently its a big deal for Delia, aka Metal-cute.

She proceeds to reblog Alaskas selfie with the tag “asshole” one day and we were like “??? okay…” 

that makes someone feel really great about themselves right?

we basically let it go and kept ignoring her until earlier today she does it again, alaska messages her and tells her to just leave them alone because they seriously don’t have to talk to anyone.

Now apprently it’s some “experiment” to get their attention which is fucking creepy as hell and to do that to someone is extremely fucking rude.

This person has

  • treated alaska like an experiment
  • called them an asshole for no reason
  • literally harassed them for not talking to them on facebook
  • misgendered the FUCK out of them then pretended to apologize using the excuse that they have “never met a non binary person in there life.” which fucking makes no sense when Alaska pronouns are right on their blog.
  • emotionally manipulated them
  • claimed alaska “looked more like a boy than girl” which is the most dense thing anyones EVER said in my life
  • is a fucking creepy freak

please reblog this so people can see how fucking creepy they are and unfollow them or report them for harassment. because this is not fucking okay.





This guy in my class likes to think he’s the only one who knows about tumblr
When a girl messed up her presentation he literally held up a drawn star that said ‘you tried’ and said to me “you probably won’t get it it’s an Internet thing.”

please say you slapped him

im just gonna keep reblogging this until he finds it

hes here somewhere